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Eating and Drinking

Mealtimes should be easy and fun, but sometimes they are difficult! Whether the problem is an aversion to foods, frequent coughing or gagging during meals or bottle feeds, or difficulty weaning from a bottle to a cup / solid foods, we can help.  Eating and drinking therapy- Argyle therapy to thrive

We specialize in helping infants, kids, and even adults with eating safely. We can help with:

    • Coughing during meals
    • Choking / Food getting stuck
    • Picky eating
    • Food aversion
    • Gagging / Vomiting during meals
    • Drinking from bottle
    • Weaning from bottle to cup / straw
    • Starting solid foods
    • Eating or speaking with a trach / Passy Muir Valve (PMV)
    • Weaning from PEG tube / G-Tube / NG-tube