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There have been so many of you ask me in the past if there’s a local Speech Pathologist that works with kiddos at home. THIS IS YOUR GIRL! Meet Alex Katzen. She is hands down the most skilled therapist I’ve worked with in a long time. I have seen her in action with patients. She is very knowledgeable, friendly, an excellent listener and really tailors her sessions to meet the needs of her client. She educates and produces really awesome results.

Did I mention she ALSO assesses and treats adults as well?! Oh yes…. Alex is a brain injury specialist. That is an area that takes a LOT of extra education in our field. That means she really knows her stuff!!!

Guys, I’m a skilled therapist with over 20 years in the medical field working with adults. I don’t work with kids and I don’t do private sessions at home. But if I needed it, Alex would be my #1 choice hands down.

If your child or adult family member/friend is out of the hospital or rehab and now home…..perhaps in need of more therapy but you don’t know where to turn…..ARGYLE THERAPY TO THRIVE is what you want. She comes to you!!!

Can’t recommend her enough!!! A+++++”

 – Mikki Wiley, MS, CCC-SLP




“Alex has been amazing with my son and his speech issues, he was diagnosed with Apraxia. Not only have I seen results but he loves her and now enjoys our therapy sessions. Don’t know what would do without her!

Stacy S.